Home is reflection of the people within- a sanctuary from the outside world, a place to recharge, enjoy life, and create memories. 

Whether your forever home, or a step on the way there, your space deserves to shine. 

  Glow Home specialises in Exterior Design, Lighting Design and Colour Consultancy. 

Proudly independent, unbiased design creates functional spaces that people love to be in. 

Skillful use of colour and light can transform your project and elevate it to something truly spectacular. 

If you are renovating, designing a new build, or looking to improve curb appeal, Glow Home Design collaborates with you to maximise the potential of your biggest asset and bring your home to life. 

Get Glowing with Glow Home!


First impressions matter.

Much time and effort goes into styling the inside of our homes, however the outside is an often neglected opportunity to express your style and unlock your home’s potential. 

Glow Home can help you improve curb appeal, maximise the use of space, and create a cohesive flow from the outside in.

Different modern streamlined mirror copper chandeliers. Bubble metal copper shade pendant.

Lighting is both an art and a science- fundamental to human life and a huge factor in how we perceive our environment

Light is a crucial element in any design and one which requires careful consideration.

Glow Home saves you time and money by providing a detailed, independent specification incorporating both form and function.


As the artist Wassily Kandinsky said:” Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”.

Colour and Light are inextricably linked, playing off each other and setting the tone for how a space feels to those who use it.

Glow Home’s Colour Consultancy service takes into account individual tastes, as well as the setting, decor and use of a space to select the perfect hue for you. 

3D rendering of a house undergoing amplifying renovations with an energy chart, blueprints and other documents

Glow Home works in collaboration with industry professionals and the Client brief to bring each project to life.

A consultation in the design stages allows for forward planning and accurate quotation- streamlining the process and lessening the risk of budget blow outs.

Designers and tradespeople may engage Glow Home as an extension of service to Clients, or the Client may engage Glow Home themselves- either way, the budget and brief of the Client is at the forefront.