Individual, comprehensive design packages are available for Exterior Design, Lighting Design, or Colour Consultancy services. 

These include an in depth consultation, specification, and tailor made design proposal to suit your project and budget. 

For larger projects, those where multiple services are required, or those where light calculations or other compliance is required, project- specific pricing may apply.

Your home is your castle. It should radiate with your personality, and be a place you feel is truly “you”. 

Glow Home helps you make the most of your biggest asset, while keeping your budget and future plans in mind.

Whether you are in need of help to decide what colour to paint the house, require guidance to select the perfect lighting, want to maximise your curb appeal or just need fresh ideas to make the most of your outdoor space, Glow Home can get your home glowing. 

There are some suppliers that offer a design free of charge, however they are limited to only what they have to sell. By remaining independent, we are able to offer a much more personalised service with the focus is on what it most important- you! 

Glow home eliminates the hassle of going from place to place, comparing products, and cherry picking favourites to try and create the home you imagine. Not only is it difficult to get this right, time is money and mistakes can be very costly. Glow Home was created to support home owners in this process, and offers a level of service and attention to detail that sets us apart. 

By investing in a design consultation with Glow Home, a clear direction is set- products can be purchased ahead of time, tradespeople can accurately quote, budgets are known, and everyone involved along the way can envision the final result. 

Glow Home can collaborate with you and your design team/ tradespeople to ensure we are all on the same page, or work with you directly if you are DIY-ing. 

Contact Glow Home to discuss how we can help you, and follow us for inspiration and more. 


Glow Home understands the effort and consideration that goes into creating a design the Client loves. We also understand that cohesion between spaces is paramount to the flow of a design, and our services are designed to support both the Client, and the vision of the designer to bring the Client brief to life. 

Lighting can make or break a space- it effects how well a space is utilised, what design details are noticed, how we feel about a space and the wellbeing of those within it. It is both an art and a science. It requires collaboration between Client, Contractor and Designer to be well executed. This applies whether lighting the inside, exterior, or landscape of a home. 

More often than not, lighting is an afterthought, often left to the Client and electrical contractor to sort out at the end. This runs the risk of lighting that is not suited to the space, or lack of a budget to light a space well, and undermines the many hours of effort put into the design and creation of the space. It can set back a project and add additional costs, especially when things need to be undone in order to lay cable and add lighting late in the scheme of things. 

The same can be said of outdoor spaces- without taking into consideration the architecture of the building, the style of landscaping, and the overall feel of the interior scheme, there is no a sense of cohesion. The result is a disjointed and uncomfortable space with no flow.  Much money and time can be wasted, and it degrades each design discipline’s work. 

Glow Home appreciates that working through the decision making process with a Client is time consuming and potentially not within your scope of work. By being involved at the concept stage, Glow Home saves you time and effort best spent elsewhere. 

Your Client may wish to engage Glow Home independently, or you may wish to add our consultation to your design package as a way to offer a higher level of service to your Clients. To discuss how Glow Home can support you and your Clients, get in touch with us today.

Glow Home knows your time is precious. So many factors weigh in when Clients are designing and budgeting for a project. It can be overwhelming for a Client with so many things to consider, products to choose from, and timelines to plan for. Often Clients are unaware of the effort and costs that are unseen- cable, scaffolding, materials, labour costs- and this flows on to put pressure on Contractors.

Glow Home appreciates that working through the decision making process with a Client is time consuming and potentially not within your scope of work. By being involved at the concept stage, Glow Home saves you time and effort best spent elsewhere. We assist Clients by working with them to create an overall design with a clear direction and specification- this allows you to accurately quote time, resources and materials required, and timeframes for order.  This way, the risk of budget blow outs and project delays are reduced- happy Clients are good for business!

By remaining proudly independent, Glow Home is not bound to only one supplier, and the focus is not on sales but on service. Once they have invested in a consultation and gone through the specification process, Clients are less likely to change their minds, making it easier for you to quote and plan your project pipeline. 

No more being chased for orders, less chance of last minute indecision, clear timeframes known for ordering ahead, a clear vision for all involved to deliver on a project. With rising costs and increased competitiveness in the market, you can set yourself apart from the rest by offering an extra level of service via Glow Home Design Consultation, or your Clients can engage Glow Home independently.  Your time is money- get in touch with Glow Home today. 

Glow Home understands that you operate a business in a tough environment. With rising costs and a highly competitive market, what sets you apart from the rest?

No matter whether you are creating cost effective homes on a limited budget, or high end homes that demand an increased level of attention to detail- Glow Home adds value to your project.

Light and colour effect how we feel about a space, its perceived value, and subsequently how quickly it sells. Improper lighting and use of colour can make even the most expensive specifications feel cheap and unwelcoming.  Good lighting does not have to cost the earth- with skillful use of colour and light, a space can really come to life, and become a place people really want to be in.  Having a set lighting specification that is sympathetic of both budget and design can assist in QS planning, and in project management. Timeframes and costs are known in advance, subcontractors can accurately quote, design aesthetic is not compromised, and your business delivers a quality project that is so much more than just another cookie cutter design build.

Get in touch with Glow Home today to discuss your specific project requirements.  We look forward to working with you.

If anyone understands that first impressions matter, it’s the Real Estate market. Curb appeal can make or break a home and ultimately affect your ability to sell it. It can determine the perceived value of a property and even a neighbourhood- flowing onto finance valuations, foot traffic through open homes, demand for the property in the area and of course the final sale price. 

Whether your Vendor is selling a family home, a rental, or a quick do-up flip, a property is much easier to market when it looks good. Investing in a consultation with Glow Home will give your Client a clear direction for how to maximise the potential of their home and allow Clients to budget for what it will cost to do so.  Specifications are made with the Client’s budget and end goal in mind, so there is less risk of over capitilising or wasting time and money where it will not make a difference to the sale. 

By increasing the visual appeal of a home, and making the most of the outside space, people see more value in the property. Increasing the demand for property in an area increases the sale price, and by default more opportunities for you to sell. 

Glow Home Design Consultations can be included as part of your marketing package- setting your service apart from the rest.  Alternatively, Clients can engage Glow Home Design independently. 

Get in touch today to discuss how Glow Home can help you and your Client reach your sales goals.

Glow Home works alongside reputable suppliers to specify quality products.  Proudly independent, specifications are made based on the form, function and price point of the product, within the context of the Client brief. 

Specialising in exterior design, lighting design and colour consultancy, Glow Home aims to support the Client through the decision making process, and create a cohesive design and clear direction for the project from the outset. 

If you have exterior finish, lighting, or outdoor products backed by exceptional service and technical knowledge, get in touch with Glow Home today to discuss future specification.